Difflam Soothing Drops + Immune Support Black Elderberry flavour

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  • 20 Throat Drops

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Difflam Soothing Drops + Immune Support help to soothe dry, tickly throats while supporting the body's immune health. Blended with Wellmune® for immune health support and natural New Zealand Manuka honey to coat the throat, Difflam Soothing Drops + Immune Support are bursting with the delicious and soothing flavours of elderberries and honey.

Welllmune® offers immune health benefits to adults consuming 250 mg (or children 125 mg) per day. Each throat drop contains 25 mg of Welllmune®.

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  • Soothes dry, tickly throats
  • Supports immune health with Welllmune®
  • Contains natural Manuka honey

Isomalt, Manuka honey (1.14%), Baker’s yeast beta glucan (Wellmune) (1.14%), Elderberry juice concentrate, Natural flavour, Sucralose, Natural colour (purple carrot extract, corn maltodextrin)

Slowly dissolve throat drop in mouth one at a time.

This product contains isomalt. Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.

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