Introducing DIFFLAM Soothing Drops + Immune Support

We all know that feeling – a dry tickle in the back of your throat that may well herald the start of a cold or cough. And when it strikes, you’re probably looking for some sort of throat drops or lozenges for a dry throat to soothe that tickle. But what if those throat soothing lozenges came with added immune support to help your body?

Introducing new DIFFLAM Soothing Drops + Immune Support. They contain natural New Zealand Manuka honey to coat and soothe dry tickly throats and Wellmune® to support your immune health. And they’re available in three delicious flavour combinations: lemon and honey, menthol eucalyptus, and black elderberry.

Let’s take a closer look at these key ingredients and see how they can help soothe your throat and support your immune health when that dry tickle pays you a visit.

Manuka honey: more than just a tasty treat!

We’ve all heard of honey, right? But did you know honey is more than just a delicious sticky toast topping? As well as a tasty food source, honey has a long history of use as a natural soothing product. Thanks to its thick, sticky consistency – honey is sometimes described as viscous – honey can coat a dry tickly throat to help provide soothing relief. 

But what makes manuka honey special? Well, unlike many kinds of honey that come from bees that visit lots of different types of trees, Manuka honey comes from bees that mostly visit the manuka tree that grows in New Zealand and Australia. When it comes to manuka honey benefits for dry tickly throats, you’ll get a pleasant tasting, soothing effect as the honey coats your throat. So at the first sign of that tickle, think of DIFFLAM Soothing Drops + Immune Support with manuka honey for dry throat relief.

Beta glucan: fibre that packs a punch!

Ever been told to eat more fibre? Well, dietary fibre is pretty important for a bunch of reasons, including keeping our gut healthy. But did you know some types of fibre also play a role in keeping your immune system running smoothly?

Beta glucan is a type of dietary fibre that is naturally found in different plants, bacteria, and fungi such as yeast. One of the key beta glucan benefits is its ability to support the body’s immune system.

Beta glucans that come from yeast – such as Wellmune – help to support your natural immunity. This immune support can help improve outcomes when faced with a dry tickly throat. 

So, when you feel that dry tickle in your throat, think DIFFLAM Soothing Drops +Immune Support. They contain Wellmune, a beta glucan derived from a highly purified, proprietary baker’s yeast, to help support your immune health, and Manuka honey – all wrapped up in a delicious soothing drop.

NEW DIFFLAM Soothing Drops FAQs


When you feel that first tickle of a dry throat, try DIFFLAM Soothing Drops + Immune Support to soothe your throat and support your immune health.


Manuka honey health benefits include a pleasant tasting, soothing effect as the honey coats your throat.


Beta glucan health benefits include supporting your natural immunity to help your immune system be ready for action – a great idea when you feel the first signs of a dry tickly throat.


DIFFLAM Soothing Drops + Immune Support contain natural New Zealand Manuka honey plus the yeast-derived beta glucan Wellmune® to help support the health and well-being of your immune system.