Sore throat sprays

Between family, work, friends and time for yourself a sore throat is never welcome and finding rapid relief is often the goal. Luckily there is an option that provides relief right where you want it, and you don’t need to suck on a lozenge or gargle a solution – that’s right, we are talking about throat sprays!

The goal of a throat spray is to coat the back of your throat (fancily known as the posterior pharynx) with a thin layer of solution that contains agents that work to relieve your sore throat. These agents may be antibacterial – to help kill any bacteria that can cause mouth and throat infections, anti-inflammatory – to help reduce the pain and discomfort that comes with an inflammatory reaction to an infection, or anaesthetic – to numb the area.

Benefits of a throat spray

Throat spray delivery systems are designed to release a soft mist directly onto the back of your throat. This means that the inflamed tissues are getting a direct dose of the soothing agents. In addition, throat sprays are easy to find – available in your local pharmacy or supermarket and easy to administer (just point and spray!).

That said, always check the label to see what age groups the product is suitable for. Also, if you miss with your aim or don’t apply it correctly they won’t work. The best way to avoid that scenario is to read the instructions carefully before spraying (instructions can be found on the product label).

As we mentioned above, there are several combinations of ingredients that a throat spray can contain. Let’s take a look at some of the formulations in the Difflam range, and see why they are the market leaders in sore throat sprays.

Difflam Sore Throat Spray and Difflam Sore Throat Spray FORTE

These sprays contains an anti-inflammatory agent that provides fast relief by targeting the site of inflammation to reduce swelling and pain. The main difference between the original Sore Throat Spray and the FORTE formulation is the amount of anti-inflammatory ingredient (almost doubled in the FORTE formulation) – so you can get relief in fewer sprays.

The multidirectional spray nozzle allows application directly onto the sore inflamed area, for fast and targeted relief from a sore throat. Use these formulations from the first sign of that tickle in your throat.

Triple action with Difflam PLUS Anaesthetic Sore Throat Spray

If you battled through that first tickle and have moved into a full blown sore throat session, you might want a little more than just an anti-inflammatory. This is where the triple action of Difflam PLUS Anaesthetic Sore Throat Spray comes in. It provides rapid relief of a sore throat by numbing, soothing and reducing inflammation all at the same time. In fact it numbs the throat within 30 seconds* of application!

*Difflam Sensory Solutions Study 2019

The triple action formula combines the anaesthetic agent lidocaine (lignocaine), which numbs the pain, with the anti-inflammatory agent (benzydamine) to target the inflammation PLUS an antibacterial agent (dichlorobenzyl alcohol) which helps kill bacteria in the mouth and throat. All of this delivered by the same multidirectional spray nozzle to allow direct application of Difflam PLUS Anaesthetic Sore Throat Spray right where it’s needed.

Everyone say aaaah for a throat spray!

Whether you’ve noticed those first tickly, prickly indications that a sore throat is setting in, or you missed them and it’s now an established presence, rapid relief is the goal. A throat spray can provide targeted relief by applying a thin layer of medication directly to the inflamed area. From an anti-inflammatory to the triple action formula that offers numbing, antibacterial activity AND reduction of inflammation the Difflam range of throat sprays have you covered.

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Frequently asked questions about throat sprays


The Difflam range of throat sprays can be used to provide temporary relief from the symptoms of a sore throat, pharyngitis, tonsilitis, mouth ulcers, swelling, redness and inflammatory conditions, pain following mouth or throat surgery and pain following dental procedures.


Adults and children over the age of 12 years should spray 4–8 times directly onto the sore/inflamed area, then swallow gently. For children aged 6–12 years spray 4 times directly onto the sore/inflamed area, then gently swallow. This product can be used every 1.5 to 3 hours as required. Don’t use for longer than 7 days.


In adults and children over the age of 12 spray 3 times directly onto the sore/inflamed area and swallow gently. Do this every 3–4 hours as required (maximum of 7 doses per day).


Difflam Sore Throat Spray and Sore Throat Spray FORTE come in fresh mint flavour while Difflam PLUS Anaesthetic Sore Throat Spray comes in watermelon flavour.